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Adding a Message

Send a message to your respondents without needing any feedback

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Firstly to begin adding a message, create a new or edit an existing conversation. Once viewing the conversation you can drag and drop a message from the right side menu. Once the message is dropped into a suitable place on the timeline you will be presented with the message menu (seen below).

You can add the message you want to send to your respondents in the input field 'Your message'. It is possible to style, add images and links to the message to make it more attractive and personal.

The 'Button text' input field is where you can add text that the respondents press in order to dismiss the message (this has a default text of Okay).

Once these fields are all completed, press the pink 'Save' button at the bottom of this menu. This will add your message into the place within the timeline where you dragged and dropped it to.

Similar to the question and answer settings, the Time out setting is the amount of minutes after publishing that the question will be available for answering for your respondents.

Respondent View

This is how your message will appear to your respondents in Upinion Messenger;ย 


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