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Adding a Single Answer Question

Use constrained single answer options for your questions

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Firstly to begin adding a question, create a new or edit an existing conversation. Once viewing the conversation you can drag and drop a question from the right side menu. Once the question is dropped into a suitable place on the timeline you will be presented with the type of question you wish to ask in a menu on the right side of your screen.

Now select, 'Single answer' from the menu. You should now see the fields possible to fill in for this question type.

The field 'Your question' is where you can write the exact question that you wish to ask. It is possible to style, add images and links to question(s) to involve your respondents even more with your research.

The next group of fields are the 'Answer choices', here you can add the answers for your respondents to choose from. By clicking the plus next to any Answer field you can add another field beneath. It is possible to delete any field by pressing the trash can icon next to any field. Please note: you must always have a minimum of two answers and a maximum of ten answers for this question type.

Once these fields are all completed, press the pink 'Save' button at the bottom of this menu. This will add your question into the place within the timeline where you dragged and dropped it to.

When adding any type of question it is possible to set more general settings, such as: randomisation of answers and a time out. These settings can be found explained in more detail here.

Respondent View

This is how your question will appear to your respondents in Upinion Messenger;

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