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Filter your results

Analyse your results further using complex filtering

Written by Upinion Support
Updated over a week ago

It is possible to use filters to analyse your results further using the "Filter result" functionality. This functionality can be used on active and archived conversations.

   1. Open the conversation you want to filter the results of.

   2. Click "Filter results" in the top right of the screen (see the image above).

3. This will open up the filter results overview (see the image above). Here you can apply 5 different types of filters to your results, by selecting them from the side menu on this page;

  • Previous question and answer - similar to how the previous question answer condition works, you simply select the conversation where the question you want to filter your results on is located. Then you can select the exact question and answer you want to filter on.

  • Country and language - similar to how the country and language condition works, you should check the box next to each country/language combination you want to filter your results on, i.e. United States - English.

  • Date and time - similar to how the date and time condition works, you can select a date and time on that date that you want to filter on. Along with this date you need to define whether you want the results that are shown to be before and after it.

  • Respondent - similar to how the respondent condition works, simply type in the respondent IDs - one respondent ID per line, using enter to add a new line. It is also possible to copy and paste the 'user id' column from an exported dataset csv file.

Note: respondents' IDs currently can be found by exporting previous conversations and selecting the 'Add unique user id' option - you can take the respondent IDs from the exported csv file.

  • Group - it is also possible to filter your results based on groups that the respondents who answered have already joined. Simply check the box next to each group you wish to query in order create this filter.

4. Once you have add all the filters you wish, press "Done" at the bottom.

5. You will now see the results based on the filters you have set. The active filters are shown in a small pop-up window at the top left of the conversation (see the image below), here you can clear all or individual filters. If you want to add more filters, you can click the Filter results button in the top right and go through the same process highlighted in step 3. 

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