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Add in-line Images to Questions

Use in-line images within your questions.

Written by Upinion Support
Updated over a week ago

As well as styling your text (see Style your Questions), it is also possible to add images to be displayed in the question for your respondents.

1/ Click onto the 'picture' icon (square with mountains and sun) at the top right of the 'Your question' input. Doing this will prompt you to select an image from your local file system.
​2/ Once you have selected and uploaded your image you will see the uploaded location of it appearing within "(" and ")" inside of the input field.
​3/ In front of the location will be ![Image] do not remove or delete this.

In the image below, you can see on the left how the image will appear for the respondent and on the right how the input text will look for you when creating and editing questions.

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