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Typical Conversations
Typical Conversations

You can use conversations in different ways.

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You can use Upinion for different research types. Find the different conversations below to help with your research.

1/ Real-time conversation
​'Brainstorming sessions, events and meetings'

  1. Make one question and publish the conversation

  2. Wait for answers to come in

  3. Review the answers

  4. Add another question

  5. Review the answers

  6. Repeat until all insights and feedback have been gathered.

2/ Scripted (in concept) conversation
​'Market Research, Feedback and Polling'

  1. Prepare your questions in one conversation

  2. Use timer, timeline splits, conditions to make your research more granular

  3. Test the conversation on the mobile app (make sure you joined the group)

  4. Publish when ready

3/ Welcome conversation
​'Profile respondents with a conversation you send'

  1. Prepare your questions in one conversation (for example; what is your age?, what is your gender?, what is your.. etc.)

  2. Publish to everybody that joins the group

  3. Use this conversation for profiling in your own analytics programs after exporting.

4/ Engagement conversation
​'Inform, engage and entertain'

  1. Ask relevant fun questions (industry, topic, actualities, etc.)

  2. Give back information and teachings from your research

  3. Tell them why their contribution is so important

  4. Ask how they experience the conversations you have with them

  5. Ask what else they could contribute to

  6. Be creative and have fun

For a deeper look into all of the possibilities and features of Conversations, visit the Conversations section.

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