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Test a conversation

When you have finished building your conversation, you can test it before publishing

Written by Upinion Support
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Before you start testing your conversation, please note these three rules;

  • You must be the owner (at least one) of the groups

  • You must have joined (one of) the groups as a respondent with the phone number you wish to test with.

  • The conversation must be in concept mode.

To open the testing menu, open one of your 'concept' conversations from your conversation list. When viewing the conversation, at the top right of the page you will see the grey button with 'Test' (see below), click here open the test menu. 

Once in the test menu (seen below), enter the phone number (with country dialling code) you wish the conversation to be tested on (please note the rules stated at the top of this article). When you have entered the phone number click the pink button labelled Start test to begin testing.

You should now receive the conversation in the Upinion mobile app connected to the entered phone number. Your testing menu should now look like the image below.

When testing, you can answer question like normal and progress through the timeline. One issue is when you reach a condition in the conversation that the account you're using can not meet, but don't worry there is a solution for this. If you press the button labelled 'Refresh' in the testing menu, you will see the completed sections of your conversation in a table just above the button and at the bottom of this table an item with the status, 'Condition' (seen below). To skip over this condition to receive normally unreachable question press the 'Play' button on the left side of this item row. The conversation will now continue on your mobile app.

At any point of testing you can restart or finish the test by clicking the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the testing menu. Restarting the test requires you to return the conversation list in your mobile app and then you will be able to return to the start of your conversation. Finishing the test will mean that when you return to the conversations list in your mobile app it will no long be listed.

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