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Building your conversation timeline
Building your conversation timeline

Create your conversation timeline how you want it

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Placing Elements

It is possible to populate the conversation timeline with; questions, messages and conditions. This elements are accessible from the right side menu (seen in the image below).

To add one of these elements hold left click on the type you wish add and move your mouse over an available place within the timeline and drop it into place by releasing the left mouse button. An available place within the timeline can be seen in the image below. 

Once you have dropped your element into the timeline you can create the question, message or condition.

Splitting the Timeline

Splits the timeline into two new conversation blocks. You can do this in the same way you add question, message and conditions, simply drag and drop the 'Split timeline' menu item into the location on the timeline where you wish the two new conversation blocks to be. You can see this in the image below.

After dragging the 'Split timeline' into the timeline your timeline has created two new conversation blocks under the grey dots (seen in the image below). Your timeline has been split! This means that you have two new available places in your timeline for new elements to be dropped into.

It is common practise to use the split timeline to filter certain question based on conditions. Placing a condition at the top of each new conversation block allows for each block to be filtered strictly by the condition.

Once you have build your conversation timeline it is possible to edit it.

Note: You can move, delete and duplicate any conversation block.

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