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Start a conversation

How to start a conversation with your respondents

Written by Upinion Support
Updated over a week ago

So you have your research strategy, let's ask your respondents a question to get that valuable feedback and insights.

Firstly, open your Conversation list and at the top right of the page click, 'New Conversation' (see image below).

A pop-up screen appears where you can choose between two options "Start from scratch" (create your own Conversation) or "Use a template" (use one of the 40 validated research templates).

After you choose one of the two options. The next step is to select to which group you would like to send the Conversation to. You can attach your Conversation to one or multiple groups. When you have selected the group(s) (by clicking the checkbox next to each group), click 'Save' at the bottom of this menu. It is also possible to change your selected group(s) again before publishing your Conversation.

Your created Conversation will be given the title 'Untitled', to change this simple click on the title (at the top left of the page) and edit it there. Clicking anywhere else on the page will save your new title. You can change the name of your Conversation at any point before you publish the Conversation.

Now you have started your Conversation you can add questions, messages and conditions. For help further help with creating your Conversation, here you can find articles about all aspects of creating and maintaining a Conversation with Upinion.

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