Extra conversation settings

Additional features which can be enabled per conversation.

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By default these options are always disabled, but these can be changed by clicking the 'Settings' button. The next sections will explain in further details about the conversation settings options. 

These extra options can only be set when the conversation is still in concept and not yet published.

Conversation settings

Close a conversation after x amount of answers

This feature allows you to automatically close a conversation when the selected amount of people answered the first question (or message) of the conversation.

In this example the conversation will close after 300 respondents have answered.

Hide previous answered questions

By enabling this feature you can limit the amount of visible questions & answers that have already been answered by the respondents. This is often used when you don't want your respondents to be able to look at their answer history.

The following setting only shows the last 10 questions and answers:

When set to 0 all previous answers are hidden. This works as well for the PWA & Facebook Messenger.

Connect your conversation real-time to Google

We allow you to connect your conversation to Google. 

When enabled it stores all the incoming answers automatically in Google.

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