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1. Create Facebook App - Facebook Messenger Integration
1. Create Facebook App - Facebook Messenger Integration
Written by Upinion Support
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1. In order to use the Upinion Facebook Messenger integration you first need to create a Facebook App. Your first step in doing so is to go to:

2. Once you're there, click Create App at the top right of the page.

3. Enter the display name of your app, a contact email and then click Create App ID. You may have to enter a captcha before progressing to the next step.

4. Now you have completed the first step of creating your app, you need to add some more information to the settings. On the left side menu, you should see the button, "Settings", click on it.

5. This is the where page you can update all the main settings of your app. The first stage is to add a link to your Privacy Policy - this is required by Facebook. For information on what information you need to add to your Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with any information you may need.

6. The next two settings that you need to update are the App Icon and Category. These can be found under these titles within the same Settings page. Your App Icon needs to be exactly 1024 pixels by 1024 pixels in size. We suggest that you set your Application Category in the dropdown menu to "Messenger Bots for Business".

7. Once you have updated the settings, you should see "+ Add Product" on the left side menu at the bottom, click on it. Now, hover over Messenger square and click the blue button labelled Set Up.

8. In the third, section Token Generation (see below), under the title Page, click the dropdown box Select a Page and select the page you wish to connect to your group. You will have to grant access in the pop-up that appears. If you don't have a page already, click the link 'Create a new page' and follow the steps.

9. Next to the dropdown menu where you will have your page selected, you will now see a token (Page Access Token). Copy this as you will need it in the next section of this set-up.

Click here for the next step.

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