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3. Webhook set up - Facebook Messenger Integration
3. Webhook set up - Facebook Messenger Integration
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Now that you are back in, at the top right  you will see 'My apps'. Hover over it and click onto the app you begun creating as demonstrated in step 1. Once you have entered your app overview, click on Messenger in the menu on the left.

  1. The first step is to set up the webhook to your Upinion group (this is basically linking the page and your group). Press 'Setup Webhooks' at the top right of the Webhooks area. This will open a pop-up window (shown in the image below).

2. In this pop-up window you are first asked for the 'Callback URL' and 'Verify Token'. You need to paste in this data which is provided over on inside of your group's integrations settings (explained in the previous step).

3. For the next step, in the 'Subscriptions Fields' area check the checkboxes next to 'messages', 'messaging_postbacks' and 'messaging_referrals' as shown in the image above.

4. You can now press 'Verify and Save' at the bottom right of the pop-up window as you have provide all of the data that is required to connect to your Upinion group.

5. You have now connected your Facebook app to your Upinion group. On the the webhooks window you must see a green tick and the text 'Complete' as the image above. The next step is to connect your Facebook to your Facebook page. Simply, select your page from dropdown menu labelled, 'Select a Page'. Once you have selected the correct page click the button 'Subscribe'.

You have now connected your Facebook page to your Upinion group. In the next step you can test if your connection works how you want it to.

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