Reward Webhook Data

More information about the type of reward data you can retrieve from a webhook

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Note: This feature is for paid accounts only.

When connecting with the webhook, there are three data parameters; ID, Event and Data. This article will explain each in more detail.


ID is a number made up of two numbers separated by an underscore ( _ ). These two numbers are as follows;
- unique number of the respondent
    transactionId - unique number of the transaction


Events are descriptions on what action was performed to enable the trigger. There are three possible events, they are as follows;
answer_given - the respondent has answered a question, thus gaining one point
    payment_to_user - the respondent used points to redeem a ticket or voucher
    bonus_to_user - the respondent has been refunded points, e.g. if the setting  to refund on non-winning prize draw tickets is selected.


This data consists of any Respondent data requested by the reward, such as emails, names and other personalised data. Respondent data must be requested upon joining the connected group, read more.

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