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Connect reward data to third-party services
Connect reward data to third-party services

Connect repondents' reward data to your own services using Zapier with no development required.

Written by Upinion Support
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Note: This feature is for paid accounts only.

Harness the power of the third-party services you already use and love through Zapier integration. We make it easy for you to track your respondent's reward activities.

You can connect to, and automatically send your collected data to Google Sheets, Gmail, Amazon S3, Dropbox, MySQL and Quickbooks, to name a few. Just sit back and watch the activities tracked automatically, no development involved! It can be used for example when you want to reward your respondents using your own (external) reward system.

Please make sure you setup a Zapier account before continuing through into the steps below.

Setting up your Zapier Trigger

1. Login to your Zapier Account and click on Dashboard. Then click on "Make a new zap". This will bring you to the page where you can search for your trigger action. Here search and select "Webhooks by Zapier" (seen in the image below).

2. Next choose "Catch Hook". This trigger will simply wait for an update from Upinion. Click Save + Continue.

3. The next screen will ask you to Pick off a Child Key. This step can be skipped. Click Continue.

4. The next screen provides you with a url to paste in the Webhook URL setting of your reward. Do not click the next button until you are finished with step 6. The next step will outline where to paste the url in your Reward settings. Please not that your url will be different than mine or anyone else's. Make sure you copy the url in preparation for step 5.

5. Login to the web app and go to the reward that you wish to add the webhook url to. Go to the info tab, then go to Respondent data at the bottom of this tab. Enable both ask when respondent joins the group and add webhook URL. Then paste the url that you copied from zapier into the add Webhook URL field. Finally, save your reward. 

6. Next you need to prepare some respondents reward activity. Open your mobile Upinion app and join a group connected to your reward. Make sure you have a open question waiting for you. Don't answer a question yet! You will need to answer in the next step.

7. Now click the button OK, I did this in Zapier (see step 4). The message, 'Looking for the hook, this might take a sec...', will appear in Zapier. Now you can answer the open question in the mobile Upinion App (see step 6) from the group that is connected to your reward.

8. After you have answered, you will know the trigger received a reward update when the green "Test Successful!" screen shows up. Next click the continue button and follow the next steps to add an action.

Setting up your Zapier Action

It is possible to setup any number of actions and filters, but for this example we will be setting up a Google Sheets action.

  1. Very similar to setting up your trigger; you need to search, find and select the action that you want. In this example Google Sheets was selected as the aim is to add a new row into a spreadsheet each time a respondent's reward data is updated.

2. Next, you will need to login to your Google account. This is all done within the Zapier system. Once you have added your Google account, you can save and continue. Next, Zapier will search through your google sheets account and give you a list of all your spreadsheets. It is also need to choose a workbook within the selected spreadsheet.

3. After you have selected your workbook, all the columns that you have on your spreadsheet will be shown and you will need to map the columns with the data sent from Upinion. Read the Reward webhook article to see the data which is sent. It is also possible to add data like email, name and personalised data to the call. Read the Reward Respondent Data article for more info.

4. Once finished with the mapping of your google spreadsheet, click continue. The next screen should show Test Successful. Click Create & Continue to finish making your zap. After pressing continue, the zap is created and a test is sent though to your Google Sheet. Check your Google Sheet to make sure that everything is mapped correctly.

5. After checking your Google Sheet, press Finish on Zapier to complete your zap and then it is possible to name it. It is important that you turn your zap on to activate the action.


Congratulations! You have successfully created your reward webhook zap.

When using Zapier's Webhook, the trigger process should always stay relatively the same, but the actions will differ depending on which service you wish to connect to. Here Google Sheets was used as an example, but you can choose any service you like. It is very easy but remember to read their dialogue boxes, help messages and take each step at a time, making sure to follow all the given the directions.

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