Group List

View all your groups in the group list view.

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You want to start a group for a research project, topic or team? Check out the following article on how to get started with creating a group.

Once you have created a group, you will see your group in the group list view window listed by name. 

Clicking on the group name, will take you to a new window where you can view and edit the details of your group. Such as group information, settings and respondents.

The Type column lets you know what kind of group it is: public or private.
You can learn more about the difference between these groups over here.

The Connected rewards column reflects the reward connected to your group.

The final column, Respondents, indicates how many respondents are in your group. 

If you want to search your group list view, simply type a keyword in the search tab (at the top right of the screen) 

An important side note is that you can only delete a group if you are the owner of the group and when there are no respondents connected to your group. 

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