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View all your rewards in the rewards list view.

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Note: free account users can only use the 'Love' reward. Prize draws are available for Pro and Enterprise accounts only.

Rewards are items or discounts you want to give to your respondents in return for their answers. The reward is visible to your respondents after they join the group, even before they have enough points to redeem them for a voucher or ticket. 

Encourage and show your respondents what potential rewards they get from participating in your conversations. You can read more about creating a reward over here.

Let's dive into the Rewards list view, where you can see all of your rewards listed by title. In the first column (from left to right) you can see Name. This is where the name of your reward is visible.

Clicking on the reward name, will take you where you can view and edit the details of your reward.

The next column is Connected groups. This is where you can see which group your reward is connected to.

The Type column shows what sort of reward you have chosen: free product, discount, prize draw or love.  

The final column, Respondents, lets you know how many people have joined your group. 

An important side note is that you can only delete a reward if you are the owner of the group that the reward is connected with and if there are no respondents in the group.

Filter your Rewards
If you want to filter your rewards according to reward type just click All (at the top left of the screen).
If you want to search your rewards list, simply type a keyword in the search tab (at the top right of the screen) 

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