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Schedule conversations for a single respondent
Schedule conversations for a single respondent

For each respondent in your group it is possible to schedule conversations to be sent at a specific date and time.

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It is possible to send your conversations to individual respondents. If you have identified your respondents you can schedule their conversations so they are engaged when you or they want to be.

1/ Firstly, open up your groups page where you can see all of your groups listed by title. Click onto any group. Inside of the group navigate to the respondents tab.

2/ As you hover over the row of each respondent three icons will appear on the far right side of the row. Click on the icon which preambles a calendar (when your mouse is over it, it will be highlighted with Scheduler).

3/ This opens the scheduler for this respondent (as seen below). In this list, all of the conversations available for scheduling for the selected respondent will appear. Each row represents the labelled conversation, by clicking on the Schedule button at the far right of the row you can set the time you wish to schedule it for.

4/ After pressing the Schedule button you will be faced with this pop-up. Here you can select the date (on the left - calendar) and the time (on the right - digital clock) and have create/save this by clicking the Create button at the bottom of the pop-up.

5/ Once you have scheduled a conversation it will appear in the schedule list as shown below. To edit this scheduled time, simply click on either the date or time. To clear/remove this scheduled time completely, click on the 'X' icon and then confirm by clicking 'Yes, clear'.

6/ When a scheduled conversation has been executed it is possible to delete the scheduled event. Next to 'Executed', click on the trash can icon and then to confirm removing this scheduled event, click 'Yes, delete'. This will also delete all of the answers (if already answered) from this particular respondent.

7/ To close the scheduler for the given respondent click the X icon at the very top right of the page.

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