Inviting respondents

It's nice to have conversations but it's better to communicate with those who are important to you.

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Upinion is here to transform your research into regular Conversations you have with your customers, employees and stakeholders. Now that you have customised your Group, you can start inviting people to join. The trick is to keep inviting people along the way to keep your group up to date. Upinion makes this very easy for you. Here's how:

You can find several options for inviting respondents on the web platform via the invite section within your group. You can create and publish a landing page, generate banners or post your group invite on social media. You can also generate a QR code for your respondents to scan on their Facebook Messenger app and directly join your group.
A really good way to invite respondents is through your own channels. This way you will know for sure you're having the right Conversations with the right people.
Here are some suggestions on types of recruitment you could use:

  • Email, through your newsletters

  • Email invitation, to your own database(s)

  • Email invitation, to an external database (i.e. your panel broker)

  • Online, your own banners on different portals and websites

  • Online, your brand communities

  • Online, editorial

  • Social media

  • Loyalty websites

  • Affiliate traffic

  • Active recruitment via telephone

  • Active recruitment face-to-face

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