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Advanced export options
Advanced export options

When you export a dataset you can choose some advanced export options. These options will be described in this article.

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When you export the data of a conversation you see a modal with a number of checkboxes. These options are optional and meant for advanced use. This article will explain the different options.

Add encoded columns for single answer, multiple answers and slider questions
Statistical software like SPSS prefers numeric values for the different answers, instead of the actual answer text. When you select this option you get an extra column before each answer, containing a numeric value. The numbers represent the index of the answer the respondent has given. If you have a question with 5 different answers the first answer is number 0, the second answer is number 1, and so on. These columns also have some special values when the user didn't answer the question. These are:
   999: respondent skipped the question
   888: respondent didn't answer the question on time.

Add columns with date and time (UTC format) when respondent answered the question
When this option is checked you get an extra column per question, with the date the respondent answered the question.

Add columns with group label of respondent
If you have labelled your respondents via the group settings you can use this option to show these labels in the exported dataset. In that case you see the label of the respondent on every row.

Leave skipped and timeout answers empty
Usually skipped and timed out questions show "user_skipped" or "user_timeout" in the answer columns, and 999 or 888 in the encoded columns. When this option is checked the skipped and timed out question will stay empty.

Add unique user id
If you didn't label your respondents, it might be useful to add a unique user id to each row. By doing this you can connect rows in different exported datasets, as the user id will stay the same throughout.

Add columns with Grant access data
For some groups or rewards respondents are required to enter some data when they join the group or redeem a ticket/voucher. When this option is checked all of the entered data is also exported.

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