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Lost the file containing your draw's winners or need to see it again? Results of previous draws can be downloaded at any time.

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After running a draw, you see the winning respondents immediately on your screen. At that moment you can also download them to secure the list of winners for later use. Of course it can happen that you close the window or lose the file containing the winners. It is possible to view an overview of all draws you did in the past.

View the draws and download the results

1/ Click on a prize draw reward in your reward list. You can see if it is a prize draw reward in the Type column.

2/ Click on the Draws tab

3/ Now you see the list of all draws for this reward, sorted by the draw date - the latest one at the top.

4/ In the list, you can get more information about the draw. You can see the amount of tickets from the draw and the amount of winners.

5/ To download the results from a draw, click on the Download winner(s) button.

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