View open tickets

When respondents have collected enough points they can redeem tickets for a prize draw. You can view and download the list of open tickets.

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As the owner of the prize draw, it can be useful to see the list of open tickets. It allows you to know how active the respondents are and if there are enough open tickets to give away the specified amount of prizes. This list only shows the tickets that are still open. As soon as you start a draw all current open tickets disappear from this list. As soon as new tickets are redeemed they will appear in the list.

View and download open tickets

1/ Click on a prize draw reward in your reward list. You can see if it is a prize draw reward in the Type column.

2/ Click on the 'Tickets' tab

3/ This is the tickets list, you can filter on a ticket number by entering the number in the searchbox (top-right corner)

4/ To download the whole list you can use the Export list as excel button.

View Respondent Data

When you created your reward if you added (or added after creating) Respondent Data requirements, you can view each individual respondent's provided data for each open ticket.

1/ Click on the ‘Tickets’ tab in a reward page.

2/ Hover over the Ticket you want to view respondent data of. Click on the key that appears.

3/ Here you can see of all the data provided by this Ticket's respondent.

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