Start a prize draw

On the chosen draw date you can generate the winners by starting a prize draw.

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When the reward was created a draw date was specified. Respondents who redeemed a ticket can also see this date therefore it is important to run the draw on the given date, as respondents will expect the results.

Start a draw

1/ Click on a prize draw reward in your reward list. You can see if it is a prize draw reward in the Type column.

2/ Click on the Start draw button, in the top-right corner. This button is only active when the day is the set draw date.

3/ Choose the amount of winners. If there are not enough open tickets for this amount of winners you will get a warning which tells you the maximum amount of winners.

4/ Next, choose if you want to refund the points to non winning tickets. By default this is set to No. If you set this to Yes, all respondents with losing tickets will have their points spent on ticket(s) returned to the points total of this reward.

5/ Set the next draw date. After this draw is over, the respondents will see that date of the next as the draw date.

6/ Click on the Let's do it button

7/ The winners are now being drawn, after this is done you see the list of winners.

8/ You can download the winners directly, or close the pop-up now and download them later.

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