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It is possible to check how many respondents have vouchers for a free product or discount in your vouchers list. This will give you information on how many respondents have vouchers and you have the option the manage them. Set a voucher to Redeemed when a respondent has used a voucher to claim a free product or discount.

Set voucher status

1/ Go to the 'Voucher' tab.

2/ Select the vouchers of which you want to change the status. For example, when a respondent redeems his voucher for a free product or discount.

3/ Click on the "Set status" button to change the status. 

4/ Set the status to Redeemed to make the voucher of the respondent set to "Redeemed". This voucher is invalid now. This is to make sure that a voucher can only be used once.

5/ Respondents can see which of their vouchers have been redeemed.

Export a voucher list

 1/ When you export the voucher list you can print it or have a copy of list as a backup.

View Respondent Data

To provide the voucher to the respondent you may additional information of the respondent. When you created your reward if you added (or added after creating) Respondent Data requirements, you can view each individual respondent's provided data here.

1/ Click on the ‘Vouchers’ tab in a reward page.

2/ Hover over the Voucher you want to view respondent data of. Click on the key that appears.

3/ Here you can see of all the data provided by this voucher's respondent.

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