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Manage group team members
Manage group team members

Team members of a group can have (admin) access to all the conversations and other options depending on the set permissions.

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When you use Upinion in your company you might want to add colleagues or team members to have conversations with your group. The admin-member (owner) can invite members and set permissions for the members (editors) or upgrade them to admins.Β 

1/ Click on β€˜Add member' in the Team tab of a group.

2/ Enter the name and the mobile phone number of the member. This mobile phone number connects the account of the member to your group.

3/ Select the permissions you want the member to have.

4/ Click "Add member" to save.

Add an admin member

When all permissions are enabled the team member has the same rights as the admin-member (owner). This allows the user for example to updated conversations even when he or she is not the owner of the conversation.

Delete a member

1/ Hover with your mouse over the member.

2/ A bin icon will appear on the right side.

3/ Click on the bin and click "Yes, delete" to confirm you want to delete this member.

Change permissions

1/ Hover with your mouse over the member.

2/ Click on the permission to change them.

3/ Click "'Save" to save the new permissions

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