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Promote your group
Promote your group

Share your group across different media platforms and invite respondents to join your group

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Congratulations! You have created and customised your group, now you ask yourself how do I get respondents? In this section we explain how to promote your group and invite respondents to join this group. Your respondents will become loyal brand advocates that will give you feedback and opinions about matters you need to know. Let's start to make them part of your changing world and let them help you improve your products and services. 

1/ Click on the group you want to promote in your group list.

2/ Across the top of the page are tab options for this group. Click the tab Invite.

3/ In this page, you are presented with materials you can use to invite respondents to use Upinion Messenger App and Facebook Messenger, to join and answer questions from your group.

Upinion Messenger

Under the section "Upinion Mobile App", you can click the pink button labelled. "Share invite page". This will display an invite/landing page for your group. With the invite page (shown below) you have a link to share this page which contains information for people to join with the Upinion Mobile App. This can be placed, for example, in an email or an ad. When someone clicks on the link they will be sent to your landing page. This page is automatically generated from the content you provide when creating your group.

Facebook Messenger

It is possible for your respondents to join your group via Facebook Messenger There two methods you can invite them; QR Code (scannable Messenger code) and Messenger Link (a basic URL link). To find out more about how Upinion uses Facebook Messenger, click here.

QR Code

With this option you can generate a QR code for your respondents. To join a group, all they have to do is scan the code on their Facebook Messenger app and click "Join Group". This way, they can start answering your questions without needing to download an additional app. The QR code is a great option because as well as distributing it online, you can also use it offline. Put it on your receipts, packaging, make a sticker and stick it everywhere! It's all up to your imagination.

In addition to the messenger QR code, it is possible to send a shareable link for joining your group over Facebook Messenger. By clicking this generated link, the respondent will be sent to their Messenger app or Facebook in their browser and be prompt to join your group. <yourgroupcode>

Upinion Chat (PWA)

You can also have your respondents answer question in their own browser without having to download an app:

Share on Social Media

Share your group on the social platform(s) of your choice. As easily as you would share anything else.

1/ Click on a social platform icon. You will be redirected to the social platform share dialogue.

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