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Create a group
Create a group

Start a group for your research project, topic, team, … or anything.

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Imagine having your customers available 24/7 to ask them questions and receive immediate answers. How powerful would it be to get your actionable insights in the moment? Well to achieve that you first need start by creating a group. 

1/ Click on ‘New group’ in the group section.

2/ Enter a recognisable name for your group and a group code you will use to invite respondents. Choose a group image, this could be your logo or any image that represents your group. This will also be the image that respondents see as the sender of the questions. 

3/ Choose the reward you want to give to your respondents for giving their answers and feedback. If you didn't create a reward yet or you want to create a new reward for this group check the article "Create a reward".

4/ Click "Next" to go to the next section

5/ Inform respondents about your group. Tell them why to join and the purpose of this group.

6/ Enter the name of the owner of the group and a contact email address. This way respondents can contact you if they have questions.

7/ (Optional) It is possible to add what data you need from your respondents for this group. This information may be details that can help you identify your respondents. More detailed information about how to set up requesting respondent data for your group, click here.

8/ Click "Submit" to save your group.

You just created a new group. Now start inviting respondents to your group.
Read "Invite Respondents" to see how you can invite people to start a conversation with.

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