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6. Facebook App review (part 2) - Facebook Messenger Integration
6. Facebook App review (part 2) - Facebook Messenger Integration
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In and at the top right hover over 'My apps' and click onto the app you begin creating as demonstrated in step 1. Once you have entered your app overview, click on 'Messenger' and then 'Settings' in the menu on the left.

1. Once in the Messenger section, scroll down to the section, "App Review for Messenger" as seen in the image below.

2. In the App Review process you will need to add functionality of pages_messaging, page_user_locale and pages_user_timezone . You can do this by clicking the button 'Add to Submission' next to each functionality. This can be seen in the image above.

3. Doing this will allow you to edit the details regarding each of them. Do this by clicking 'Add Details' or 'Edit Details' where the Add button was, shown in the image above. Firstly, open the details of pages_messaging.

4. The details of pages_messaging first requires you to select the page which the app is connected to. You should select the page that you have used throughout the creation of the app.

5. The next step, which takes a little more work, is to enter the commands of how the reviewer can interact with your app for the page you selected. You will need to add the commands into the table as seen in the image below.

6. The final step of the pages_messaging is the Optional Notes for the Reviewer, these are notes in which help the reviewer understand the general purpose and usage of your app. Copy the following text and enter into the area of Optional Notes for the Reviewer;

Group code: MessengerApproval
Notes for Reviewer;
This is Messenger powered by Upinion via the Webhook functionality. Upinion is a research platform. We are using Messenger to enable the possibility for people to answer questions from our Upinion groups through their Facebook Messenger. We can create questions through Upinion’s web application and then push these created questions to our Upinion groups which have related group codes and when entered allow the person to subscribe to the group and receive any questions created for it. Therefore to test all the functionalities of this application you first need to join one of our Upinion groups, you can join a group with this group code, "MessengerApproval”.
Useful command;
Stop - This will cancel the active command (e g. providing group code, question answering).

7. Once you have copied the above text into the correct place, click the 'Save' button at the bottom right.

8. You now need to add details for pages_user_locale. You will only be asked to provide a reason for the functionality. You can copy this text into the area; 

We use the locale of the user so our bot can respond in their language

9. The final step is to add details for pages_user_timezone. You will only be asked to provide a reason for the functionality. You can copy this text into the area;

We use the user's time zone for accurately providing questions and information when they are intended to be received.

10. You can now submit your app. Do this by pressing the button 'Submit for Review' in the bottom right of the Current Submission section.

Next steps

Once your app and page has been approved by Facebook (including this and the previous step), when viewing your app in simply click on 'App Review' in the main menu on the left and click the button under 'Make [app name] public?' shown in the image below and you can start invite your respondents to reply using your Facebook page messenger.

If you have any questions regarding a part of this App review or any part of the integration process, please feel free to contact us by clicking the blue chat circle in the bottom right of this page and we will get back to you as fast as we can.

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