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5. Facebook App review (part 1) - Facebook Messenger Integration
5. Facebook App review (part 1) - Facebook Messenger Integration
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On go to your page overview. Here you should go to the 'Settings', found in the top right when viewing your page. In the settings, go to 'Messenger Platform', this can be found in the left side menu of the settings.

1. Now, scroll down the page until you get to Advanced Messaging Features (seen above). Click on the Request button in the top right of this section.

2. Firstly, you are asked to, 'Describe how your Page will use the subscription messaging feature', here you should click the circle next to Productivity.

3. Next, in the area underneath, 'Provide additional details', you will need to copy in the follow text into this area;

Once the user has completed their first interaction, it allows for the receiving of notifications for new available questions (messages) for answering - only if they have successfully entered a Upinion group. All other messages are prompted as responses from user interactions.

Group code: MessengerApproval

Useful command;
Stop - This will cancel the active command (e g. providing group code, question answering).

4. The next section (seen above), "Give examples of messages your Page will send", it is needed to show examples of how your page will generally communicate with users. Below there are three examples to use in the text areas of this section;

Example 1: In order to join a group, we need you to provide a group code.
โ€‹Example 2: Thank you for your answers. There are currently no more questions available.
โ€‹Example 3: I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. Could you please clarify what you're looking for?

To add the third example you will need to click "+ Add Example" in order to see a third area to enter it.

5. Now, check the box next to the sentence, 'I confirm this Page won't use subscription messaging to send advertisements or promotional messages and will follow Messenger policies and Facebook community standards.'. You can now click the 'Save draft' button at the bottom right.

6. You can now submit your app. Do this by pressing the button 'Submit for Review' in the bottom right of the Subscription Messaging submission.

Click here for the next step.

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