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Respondent Data

Everything you need to know about managing respondent data connected to your groups

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You can add your respondent data when creating or after creating your group.

Creating a group

In the final stages of creating a group you can add the data you require from your respondents.

After creating a group

You can manage the data you request from respondents after creating a Group if you are the owner of that Group. Simply select the Group you want to edit and go to the Info tab. At the bottom you will see a section called "Respondent data", where you can edit the data you want to request.

Note: it is possible to add respondent data to a group which previously didn't have required data.

To add required respondent data, click the 'Add data' button. Select the type of data you wish to request from the overlay list (details of each data type can be found further into this article). 

You can select as many data types as you need.

Current data types:

Name: Text field where respondent enters their name.
Email: Ask for the respondent's email, the respondent has to enter a valid email address.
Verify account: The respondent must register in order to connect. If they do not, they have the chance to register when joining the Group. This can be useful if you don't want any unregistered respondents in your group.
Advertising ID: Request the unique ID of the respondent's mobile phone provided by Apple or Google. More information can be found here.
Custom field: Allows you to create your own input field from scratch which can be either text, email or numeric. Setting these types will restrict what respondents can enter as their data. 

You can provide prompts to your respondent to help them when they fill in your customised data field. This is demonstrated in the left section of the image above. The right section demonstrates how the respondent will see it each field and prompt. Listed below are each information fields and their purposes.

Label: This is the title of the custom data field you would like to request (e.g. coupon code).
Error message: This is the text that will appear if the information given by the respondent doesn't match the correct data type for the given field (e.g. coupon code requires a numeric answer. The error message could be "Please enter valid coupon code number").
Type: This allows you to choose the type of information you wish to request: text, email or numeric.
Help text: The text entered here will be shown as a smaller text beneath the field to describe the purpose of the field or the reason for requesting the data (e.g. "Please provide your coupon code so we can verify your eligibility").
Place holder: Text entered here will appear in the input field when it is empty (e.g. "Enter your coupon code here").

Note: not all information fields will be available for every data type.

Information for your respondents

In the previous section, we discussed how you can request and manage respondent data. It is also possible for them to view, edit or revoke the personal data they shared with you at any point. 

When a respondent revokes access of their data from your Group (or Reward), they are completely removed from the Group and their personal data is deleted. They can rejoin the Group but only if they provide the required data again.

Respondents are asked for all of the respondent Data that you have requested when joining the group. If the respondent revokes the access to the data from their app then they are forced to leave the group.

Respondents can revoke access to their personal details at any time on both the Upinion Messenger and Facebook Messenger. 

Revoking access on Upinion Messenger

Respondents can revoke access to their Group personal details simply by going to the Upinion Messenger app > Settings > Group privacy > Revoke access 

Respondents can revoke access to their Reward personal details simply by going to the Upinion Messenger app > Settings > Reward privacy > Revoke access 

Revoking access on Facebook Messenger

Respondents can type following commands in Facebook Messenger to request to get personal data deleted; "delete personal data", "remove personal data" or "revoke personal data". 

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