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Account Overview

View all the information related to your Upinion account

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To access your account overview, simply navigate to the bottom of the left side menu and click My Account at the very bottom of the menu. This will open a small menu; Account, Log out. Click Account. This will open the Account Overview (as seen below).

In this overview, you can see Personal info related to your account; 

Personal info

Phone Number

Your registered Phone Number - this can not be edited, if you wish change this please contact us

Linked Google Account

It is possible to link your Upinion account to Google to speed up and secure your log in process.

Note: your Google docs integration does not have to be connected this Google account.



Here your account type is shown. Different features are enabled based on your account type.

Google docs integration

It is required to connect Upinion with Google docs to enable real time data export to Google Sheets. Read more about connecting a conversation to Google Docs.


Clicking on the tab Billing at the top of the page, will show all (if any) provide billing information for any active subscriptions you have with Upinion.

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